• Do you love a child who is active in his/her addiction?

  • Do you feel like your child's addiction is holding you hostage?

  • Do you question yourself about the what ifs, could haves, should haves?

  • Does your head keep you awake at night telling you story after story?

  • Are you emotionally Bankrupt?

Donna Marston is a Parent Support Coach whose personal coaching style offers parents the perspective of unconditional love rather than tough love, how to detach with love and set healthy boundaries for an unhealthy disease. As your personal Support Coach Donna will provide you with guidance, resources and coping skills. Donna offers a wellness plan to help you to take steps toward healing your broken heart and transforming yourself emotionally so that you can restore your health and your sanity.

“I will openly and honestly share my experience of what it felt like

living with an adult child in active addiction.

I will provide you with coping skills of how to have a healthier relationship

even when your child is in active addiction.

My goal is to educate, guide, support and inspire you to stop allowing

your son/daughter to be comfortable in their addiction while you’re uncomfortable

and feel like you are walking on eggshells.

My intention for you is to find the courage to take back your life

before you become emotionally bankrupt like I was”

Donna Marston

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