About Donna

Hi I'm Donna, I found my voice and my passion after years of dealing with my son's heroin addiction. My son was in active addiction for 10 years, the first 5 years I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, the last 5 years of his active addiction were the most painful years of my life.  

I am the author of “Peeling The Onion” and “Just for Today”,  I went on a journey of healing and transforming myself so that I could be an advocate for parents. I decided to take what once was my mess and make it my message in hopes of helping parents navigate through their child's active addiction and recovery so that they won't feel so alone. 

After many years of coaching and  facilitating parent support groups in New Hampshire, I decided it was time to offer online Parent Support Coaching along with an interactive membership page for parents who live in rural areas, who cannot get to a meeting, who are raising their grandchildren, who do not have a parent support group in their community, who are too afraid to walk into a meeting in their community or who would like to attend a meeting from the comfort of their home after a long day.  

My Personal Support Coaching program is for parents who want more support than what a weekly support group meeting offers.  I will provide you with a customized wellness plan that will help you work through your emotions of what it feels like to love a child in active addiction and early recovery. I will work one on one with you to help you to identify codependent/enabling behaviors in 30 or 60 minute increments.  As your Personal Support Coach I will provide you with honesty and care, I will provide you with information to educate you about addiction and recovery. I will help you navigate through your child’s active addiction and recovery.  I will provide you with guidance on how you can manage your anger, stress and anxiety.   I will share information about positive communication skills and better coping skills.  I will suggest ways to stay connected with your child when he/she is in active addiction, and work with you to create simple family rules and routines that reduce conflict and stress.  I will help you construct a living agreement if you allow your child to live with you, and develop tools to tackle challenging behaviors, associated with your child’s active addiction.

As your Personal Support Coach, I will be completely committed to working with you to help you maneuver through the roller coaster ride of your emotions and behavioral issues associated with your child's active addiction or recovery. We can tailor our time together to meet your needs.

Parents are often emotionally depleted, and no one has been reaching out to help them until now!


Peeling The Onion

A Mother's journey of what she learned and how she healed through the years of her son's drug addiction and recovery. The intent of writing this book is to help parents learn about addiction, codependency, enabling and recovery. Donna M. offers tools that will help parents take care of their emotional health so they won't become emotionally and financially bankrupt when dealing with a child in active addiction.

Just For Today

Just for Today offers 365 days of daily reflections for parents who have a teen/adult child who is in active addiction or struggling with recovery. Just for Today offers insight into addiction, codependency, enabling, healing and recovery.

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Credentials & Certifications

  • Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

  • Certified Recovery Support Worker (C.R.S.W.)

  • Co-Parenting Trainer

  • Founder of Parents & Families
    Sharing Without Shame

  • Nami Trained Parent Support
    Group Facilitator

  • N.H. State Advocate

  • Nominee for the 2012 Consumer/Peer Leadership Voice Award sponsored by SAMHSA

  • Public Speaker

  • Recovery Coach

  • Recovery Coach & Harm Reduction Trainer

  • 2015 "Recovery Provider of The Year"N.H. Providers Association

  • Shambala Reiki Master