Enhance Your Support System During The Holiday Season

By: Donna M.

Holidays are a good time to reach out more frequently to your therapist, sponsor, spiritual advisor or support group and to spend time with fellow parents who are also learning how to navigate through their teen or adult child's substance use disorder and mental health just like you are.

Enhancing your support system during the holidays allows you to acknowledge your personal limits and learn how to accept support.

Research has shown that there are tremendous benefits in having a network of supportive relationships: Members of Parents Sharing Without Shame, positive and compassionate friends and loved ones can help you be more resilient in stressful times. Being an active participant in Parents Sharing Without Shame can even help you identify toxic behavior, when you are stressed and full of anxiety and sometimes your peers will notice it before you do.

There are many practical benefits to having supportive relationships. Peer support can and will provide you with information, advice, guidance, and also tangible support. 
Peer support can be comforting and enhance your feelings of security.

Peer support can also guide you emotionally when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, because your peers will listen empathically to your fears, tears and fears. Peer support will make you feel seen and understood. Peer support can help you think through alternatives and solve problems, and we can distract you from your worries while providing you with better coping skills.

Peer Support throws out a life preserver to you in difficult times and will provide encouragement and hope to help to you 24/7.

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