Stop the Insanity and Reclaim Your Life!

Between your child's active addiction, holding your breath when they are in early recovery, work and life we sometimes feel like we can never get a break.

We would love to unplug from the situations that we are dealing with which tethers us to endless obligations, but we feel that if we do, somehow our child won't make it, that our child/children won’t be able to go on without having instant and constant access to us at all times.

When you stop the insanity and allow yourself to think with a clear mind, you will realize that those thoughts are nonsense and remind yourself that your children are very resourceful when they want what they want, truth be told, they can make do without you smothering them for a little bit each day and every day.

When you honor yourself and carve out time for you to unplug and disconnect from the noise in your head and connect to your inner world you will begin to restore your sanity.

The first thing you need to do is to get some “you-time.”
take a long bath with a good book, take a walk in the park, go away on a weekend retreat, try art journaling but most important, turn off all social media and your phone when you are taking care of yourself.

Donna MarstonComment