The Greatest Sacrifice

by:  Donna M.

It is normal for parents to make sacrifices when they have children but when they have a child or children who have a substance use disorder the sacrifices that parents indulge in can be emotionally and financially overwhelming.

Parents sacrifice their peace of mind because every waking hour is spent thinking about their addicted child, their time is spent on enabling and rescuing, while their relationship with other family members often fall apart because the codependent parent isn’t emotionally available to the healthy people in his/her life.  The sacrificing parents become emotionally and financially bankrupt because they give everything they have to save their child from their addiction and the consequences of it while devotedly having feelings that they are drowning.

Typically when parents reach their enough they become able and willing to stop sacrificing their health, their emotions and their finances.

You will stop being the sacrificial lamb when you are ready to:

* Stop allowing your troubles to consume your thinking and take a few steps back before making any important decisions.

* Open up to someone you trust. Allow someone who has walked in your shoes the opportunity to support you through your difficult time. Do not expect them to solve your problems or become your higher power but give that person the permission to stand by your side.  Allowing another parent who has walked in your shoes to support you out of the dark place that you are in, may provide you with hope while allowing you to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Think about the most difficult challenge you face right now with your child’s active addiction and ask yourself, what is your child sacrificing for you and other family members?

Donna MarstonComment