Trapped by Donna M.

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Do you feel trapped in your home because your child is in active addiction?

Are you trapped within the walls of your own mind that tell you that you are not a good parent, that your child's addiction is your fault?

Do the demons in your own mind keep you trapped into believing that you cannot save yourself from your struggles?

Do you feel trapped by your own expectations?

Emotional traps are not always based on reality and not everything has to be negative or difficult. Emotional traps leave you feeling bad about yourself and your addicted child. When you are trapped in your stinkin thinkin, your thinking becomes more and more negative and everything looks worse than it is. Emotional, mental and physical stress is caused by negative emotions and negative self-talk.

Our heads can be our hell, therefore, to avoid being emotionally trapped you must get to the cause of the behaviour and identify your emotions so you can set yourself free.

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