Are You Willing? by Donna M.

Are you willing to change?

Are you willing to stop working harder at your child's recovery than he/she is?

Are you willing to educate yourself about addiction, codependency, enabling and recovery? 
Education starts when you accept that you can't rescue
someone who doesn't want you to rescue them.

Are you willing to do the same work for yourself that you want/expect your child to do in his/her recovery? 
Working your recovery is changing your reactions and behavior towards your
child, his/her addiction and the consequences of it.

Parents of adult children who have a substance use disorder often feel a sense of personal and social responsibility, which is a very heavy burden to carry. A parent’s pain is often a mix bag of emotions that is full of anger, guilt and shame. Parents are often willing to make huge sacrifices to save their child from the grips of his/her active addiction.

When a parent has been hurt enough, lied to enough, lost enough that is when they are willing to take a step back and look at where they are emotionally and financially. When parents can clearly see the wreckage of their behavior and their child's addiction they are most often willing to do almost anything to be able to detach with love.

Donna MarstonComment