Are You Freaked Out? by Donna M.

Are you freaked out because your child's life isn't where you think it should be?

Are you freaked out because you're working harder at your son/daughters recovery than he/she is?

Are you freaking out because your child's active addiciton has brought you to your knees?

Are you freaking out because your life has also become unmanageable too?

You can stop freaking out when you:

* Stop comparing your child to other people's kids.

* Stop worrying about the what ifs, the should or could haves.

* Stop listening to the negative stories that your head creates.

* Stop over analyzing your child and his/her substance use disorder.

* Stop being hyper focused on what you think your child is doing wrong instead of looking for reasons to be grateful.

Freaking out isn’t good for your body or your brain, the trick is figuring out how to rise above whatever is freaking you out. Take action to figure out what works best for you that will help you release the pressure of the things that freaks you out.

Donna MarstonComment