Relapse vs. S.L.I.P.


A relapse can be defined as when your child returns to his/her previous levels of substance use or behavior(s) after a period of recovery or being abstinent.

A S.L.I.P is when your child’s sobriety loses its priority, it’s a break in their abstinence, and it’s not as detrimental as a full relapse.

There are a number of people in AA/NA who do not believe in S.L.I.P.s; many people in the recovery world abstinence is “all or nothing”, you’re either all in, or out, you can’t have one foot in recovery and one foot in addiction. Any consumption of substances is considered a full relapse.

Recovery is a learning process and a slip or relapse may be how your child learns about his/her addiction affects them. When your child S.L.I.P.s or relapses as tough as it is to deal with, think of it as an opportunity for your child to figure out a stronger recovery plan and how to prevent a future slip or relapse.

When your child’s recovery loses its priority and they recognize it and take action quickly to seek help/ treatment; your child may reflect on his/her recovery. Reflecting will provide insight on how they can improve their recovery to prevent a relapse or a S.L.I.P.

Donna MarstonComment