Releasing Codpendency

Donna M.

Many parents engage in self a defeating relationship with their addicted child because they are fearful of the dreadful phone call, they are fearful that they aren’t doing enough to rescue their addicted child. Parents often struggle with detaching with love because they feel like they are giving up on their child when in fact they are taking care of themselves.

For many parents they’d rather live in conflict than not knowing where their son/daughter is, they’d rather have emotional pain rather than confront their child. Many parents would rather walk on eggshells rather than setting healthy boundaries.

Do you find yourself falling into one or more of these codependent patterns?

* Do you go above and beyond to make your child happy?

* Do you avoid confronting your child about important issues because you fear rejection or worry more about your child’s feelings than your own?

* Do you ignore your child’s dishonesty?

* Do you give too much to have a relationship with your adult child?

* Do you ignore your own self-care or feel you’re being selfish if you take care of yourself ?

* Do you have trouble saying “no” to your child and allow him/her to take advantage of you?

Educate yourself about codependency and how to take back your power so that you can detach with love.