By Donna M.

When we or our children make excuses we are attempting to defend or justify our words, actions and reactions. Excuses may seem like rational reasons in the moment but excuses keep us stuck in old thought processes and behaviors, excuses keep us from making progress in our relationships, work and living our lives.

Triggers are excuses that we and our children accept as a reason why they don't want to go to AA/NA meetings, triggers are excuses why they can't stay sober and triggers are dishonest thoughts that stop our children from accomplishing a solid foundation in their recovery.

When we and our children are 100% honest with ourselves and take responsibility for our choices, we will begin to notice that we no longer give excuses. When we keep our minds focused on moving forward living a healthy happy life, excuses will fade away in the light of all of our priorities, our issues will become challenges that can help us become stronger and much wiser.

Donna MarstonComment