Repairing a Toxic Relationship With Your Adult Child

By:  Donna M.

The relationship between a parent and an adult child doesn't start out toxic; they typically are loving, kind and full of happy memories. When toxicity quietly sneaks into the relationship due to your child’s substance use disorder, there comes a day when one of the two of you realizes that you are toxic to each other and something and someone needs to change.

In order to repair your toxic relationship with your child, it is important that you understand that you are not responsible for your adult child's emotions, reactions or actions; however, you are completely responsible for your own actions and emotions. 

You will stop participating in a toxic relationship with your child when you:

• Stop feeling and acting like the victim

• Stop reacting, when you stop reacting it dissolves conflict

• Keep communication simple
“My hope is that we can work through this together, however, I feel the only way this can happen is when I clearly state my boundaries and you state yours.  You’re important to me and I want you in my life”.

* You will stop participating in the toxic dance when you set healthy boundaries and stick to them.

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