When Relationships Need Healing

By:  Donna M.

Many of us take for granted the people who are most important in our lives especially our adult children There seems to be a confidence that they will always be there with us.  We often don’t take or make the time to let our adult children know just how much we love and appreciate them, yet they are often the ones who need to hear our encouraging words the most, especially our children who are in active addiction or struggling with living in the solution of recovery.

Even if we do verbally express our love, sometimes these simple words don’t fully express the extent of our love for them. We often leave things unsaid for too long, and sometimes never get or take the opportunity to say what we truly feel.  Today, do something different and take the time to write a gratitude letter to your child or children who have a substance use disorder, it just might be what your child needs to help build their self-esteem.  In 2006 I wrote a letter to my son when he was in active addiction, telling him how much I loved and cared about him, I told him that I wished that he could love himself as much as he was loved by his Dad and me.  In 2011 he bought his first home as I was helping him pack his room, I found the letter that I gave to him.

Tips for Writing a Gratitude Letter:

Writing a gratitude letter is about your love and positive feelings that you have for your child. Remember that the purpose of this letter is to make your child feel good. You may want to incorporate some or all of your answers to the following questions when you are writing your gratitude letter:

* What joy has your child brought into your life since he/she was born? 
* How has your beautiful child made a difference in your life and who you are today?
* What are some of the fun/funny things you did together?
* What are the greatest qualities that you see in your child?
* Why are you thankful that your child is in your life?


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