Just For Today

                                                                              BY:  Donna M.


The slogan “”Just for Today” is a statement commonly used in AA, NA and a variety of other peer support groups throughout the world.  The meaning of Just for Today is that a person accepts that they are powerless over their addiction; (my son commitments daily to stay sober from the time he wakes, until Midnight that night).  Just for Today simplifies how to move forward in recovery because it gives a person permission to live in the moment of that day because  most people who suffer from a substance use disorder (addiction/alcoholism), it removes the pressure of looking into the future which can be very scary for a person in early recovery.

Just for Today for parents and other family members is accepting that they are powerless over their loved one’s addiction; it’s accepting that they can’t take away their pain; it’s accepting that they can’t force or love them into recovery.   Just for Today for families is accepting that they cannot carry their loved one into the solution of recovery by enabling them and their addiction, however, they can carry the message of hope and recovery. 

When a parent and family members finally surrender control to acceptance it allows them to learn how to have a healthier relationship with healthy boundaries.


Just for today allows families and people who have a substance use disorder to detach from the outcome of addiction. 

Just for Today . . .  surrenders obsession into acceptance.

Just for Today . . .  releases emotional paralyzes

Just for Today . . . allows courage to change the things they can

Just for Today . . . allows wisdom to remove fear

Just for Today . . . allows people to rebuild relationships

Just for Today . . . allows people to restore their sanity

Just for Today . . . allows people to regain their health

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