Buckle Up!

You're in for the ride of your life

One day interactive workshop geared to educate parents about addiction, codependency, enabling,

family roles, recovery, stigma and much more.

People Can and Do Recover

One hour power point presentation

great for a lunch & learn

Visions of Wellness

 Healing your feelings creating your personal wellness vision board

Creating a wellness vision board is more than glue, poster board, magazines, and pretty pictures. A wellness board will help you heal

what is stagnant, it will help you heal self-judgement, self-sabotage, how to overcome cynicism, fear, and guilt that hinders you from

personal success.  Your personal wellness board will help you gain clarity, clear unhealthy obstacles while transforming wisdom and

adaptability into your life; because the time has come to bring more lightness and joy back into your life.

Facilitator Training

Four hour training for Parents who want to have their own

parent support group in their community.

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