"Donna is a empathetic, knowledgeable, Mom warrior. I have learned so much from her books, literature and group meetings. I credit Donna for giving me the strength and courage to change my circumstances, and in return changed my daughter's direction in their journey through S.U.D. I cant imagine the path my family would still be on without Donna and her profound truth. This is a must have tool to have in your family's tool box!"  - Linda R.

"Donna works tirelessly to educate & support families that have loved ones with substance use disorder . I have learned so much over the past 3 yrs that has not only saved my sanity but enhanced my relationship with my son. Thank you Donna for these gifts and all you do for the community."  - Pat. S.

"Donna has saved our family! I went to my first meeting broken, desperate, and afraid. I have had the pleasure of knowing Donna for a little over 3 years. She is remarkable in her abilities to educate parents and allowing them to see their roles in their child’s addiction. Donna has lived The horrors of addiction, through her own experiences, she helps others begin their journey to healing, she is real!"  - Paula S.

"I have known Donna for many years. She has been a pioneer in helping families learn about how their children’s substance use disorder affects those closest to them. She is open minded and listens which can b helpful to families. I would highly recommend her to work with families in their journey on this very difficult road of trying to find recovery for their loved ones and in the process recovery for themselves". - Pat Diane T.

" I was referred to Donna M.  as a severely broken parent because I felt hopeless, lost, embarrassed and had a hard time getting out of bed.  I was full of guilt and shame over the last 4 years of battling my son's addiction.  I am not exaggerating when I say Donna saved my life; She helped me see that I didn't cause the problem and I couldn't fix the problem, but I could fix how I handled and dealt with the problems associated with my son's active addiction.  Donna helped me to learn how to hold my head up high and not let the stigma of addiction take anything else from my family.  I learned how to educate myself and others so I could be part of the solution.  I learned how to separate the drug from my child so I could hate the drug and still love my son.  Thank you Donna M. for coming into my life when you were needed the most."  - Tracey Bachert

"I so very much appreciate your daily posts. Saved my sanity from time to time and helped me deeply reflect on my behaviours as a co-dependent parent and helped me realize that from time to time I am loving my child to death. I drew strength from your post that I saw on Sept 29, 2014..... strength to respectfully and authentically say what I wanted to say to my friends and family for a long time. That was the first steps in peeling off a thick skin of my onion I can now talk about this journey without secrecy and shame.  I'm not ashamed of my children or myself. This isn't a dirty little family secret - it's a family struggle and we are doing the best we can.  Thanks for every day Donna. "  - Tammy C.

"Before finding Donna and her wonderful support group I was in a very dark place where my life became chaotic and out of control. I was spiraling into a deep depression with no one to talk to or at least no one I could talk to that would understand and not judge me or my son. I thought at the time I would never survive and what I once knew life to be was over. My son’s disease, SUD/ bipolar disorder, caused total havoc within my son’s life, dragging down with it any willing participant who dare get in the way to restore order and normalcy.  My family and I became the enablers and codependents. I personally was addicted to my son’s disease. I woke up worrying about my son and went to bed worrying about my son. By attending Donna’s weekly meetings I learned about this disease. I learned how to say no in a loving way, to pause and think before I spoke to my son. I learned I could support my son but ONLY in his sobriety. Above all, I realized none of what happened to my son was my fault. I have slowly begun to take care of me again which has made me a stronger person and parent. There are no words other than “sincere gratitude” that describes the type of appreciation I have for Donna and our “tribe”. For all the unconditional love, understanding, support and endless conversations, I thank you again Donna and everyone in the group from the bottom of my heart. Without this group I honestly do not believe I would be where I am today". - Eve M.

"If you love your addict child, you owe it to yourself to purchase and read Peeling The Onion by Donna M.;  It came to me highly recommended.   After 15 years of loving my addicted daughter, I was afraid to read the book, afraid to hope, afraid of the pain that would surely come when old memories were activated and old wounds were opened. I read the book anyway. That took about an hour. In that hour I learned a great deal about my daughter's way of thinking and my history of enabling in the name of love and support. But this is NOT just a book about co-dependency! I have read lots of those books and found them interesting. This book is LIFE-CHANGING! In a single day, I found the courage to text my daughter across the miles and sent a powerful message that affected her. I don't know what will happen, but I DO KNOW how I can be the biggest help to her now. I know that I can take care of myself and that will do so much to help my daughter, whatever she chooses to do next. If you are feeling lost, afraid, confused, angry, alone, devastated, hopeless and/or misunderstood, this book has a great deal to offer you. The author is not a shrink, a counselor or an "expert" with a certificate. She IS a been-there, survived it, willing to share "expert" who will affect your life, touch your heart and strengthen your spine. Buy it, read it and share it with someone else who is suffering because they love a child who is an addict. One lost person at a time". - Sue P. 

"You help a lot of folks. I also use your book Peeling The Onion as an assignment with treatment clients...they get an idea of what their family is dealing with and/or they have parents who are active alcoholics/addicts. You've done a great service for many people". - Barb C. (Drug & Alcohol Counselor) 

“I really appreciate you coming to speak. You get such rave reviews on the satisfaction surveys. Everyone can relate to the message you carry, both clients and their families. You do it in such a nice non-threatening manner". - Pat T. (Drug & Alcohol Counselor) 

"Love your book Peeling The Onion! spoke directly to everything I have ever experienced in such a compassionate way. I felt like I was understood and gave me a window of understanding the addict. "What I know to be true" is poignant! should be Al-Anon approved material. A must read for anyone afflicted by this disease". - Debbie G.